Strategies for First Time Cruise

Methods For First Time Cruise

It really is a great way for you to relax by going on a cruise A vailable wide range of various areas permit you happen to be by a cruise ship so long as one to do-all the mandatory planning and scheduling before you travel . This article will provide some necessary data to help you on your own cruise.


Generally a quick cruise probably will sail across the Bahamas and in some cases crucial western, Florida. If you should be attempting to carry on a week-long cruise, these generally come in three numerous kinds. This might consist of eastern and western and in addition cruising across south Caribbean areas.


If you are selecting a cruise that is clear of any anxiety, you need to make an all-inclusive trip. It is beneficial given that it implies that you won’t need seek resorts or restaurants, as part of this arrangement will involve these. All-inclusive deals are good to cease you from worrying down about all small things. Rather than concentrate on a great vacation.


Before booking a cruise never be forbidden, constantly ask your travel representative who’s focusing on your cruise holiday any questions that you have on your mind. To learn the important points of the cruise all you have to do is ask the reservation agent in advance.


If you would be taking place your cruise alone and want a cabin to yourself, this is certainly something you will have to consult with the cruising business. If they do allow single cabins after that make use of you should be ready to pay a supplement charge.


Eventually, for those who haven’t considered bringing your household with you it might be advisable that you invest a sunny vacation on program collectively. The greater amount of men and women you bring to invest a good time with all the much better the journey will likely to be.


I am hoping these tips have aided to give you a fresh perspective on booking your cruise and, allows your trip is tension no-cost.


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Dahabeya Amirat Cruise at River Nile

Dahabeya Amirat Cruise at River Nile

Dahabeya Amirat Private Deluxe Nile Cruise


Itinerary A:Every Saturday Luxor – Aswan 7 Nights


Itinerary B: Every Saturday Aswan – Luxor 7 Nights


Type: Private Dahbeya Nile Cruise


Guide: Expert Egyptologist Guide



Amirat Dahabeya Cabins:

6 elegant cabins and 2 elegant rooms with personal terrace


In-cabin facilities:

Direct-dial telephone

Specific climate control

Hair dryer

Mini bar

Safety deposit package,

Plasma TV and movie system


Boat services:

Open air oriental-style Jacuzzi

Roomy sundeck and trendy common lounge



Smoke & heat detector.

02 life coats in each cabin.

Escape map in each cabin.

Fire Battling Program.



Itinerary A :Luxor – Aswan 7 Nights Every Saturday

Day 1, Saturday: Luxor

Embarkation in Luxor for a calming week cruising the Nile on a luxuriously appointed dahabiyya. After lunch, adventure to see the magnificent temple complex of Amon-Ra at Karnak, using its vast hypostyle hallway of 137 articles, accompanied by the imposing 28 th Dynasty Luxor Temple. Overnight moored from the Nile banks of Luxor.


Time 2, Sunday: Luxor

You will definitely look at the western Bank for visits toward burial locations of Pharaohs – the Valley associated with the Kings – in which Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen in 1922. Still the adjacent Valley associated with Queens, the temple of Medinet Habu while the Colossi of Memnon.

Sail on the road to Esna ( noon time ). Overnight on board close by Esna.


Day 3, Monday: Amirat Dahabeya Cruise

These days should be a leisurely day. After breakfast, start sailing

Instantly moored beside a Nile area.


Day 4, Tuesday: Edfu

This morning you certainly will sail to Edfu to consult with the remarkably maintained Temple of Edfu. Immediately moored beside a Nile area.


Day 5, Wednesday: Amirat Dahabeya Cruise

Today could sail on the path to Kom Ombo. Overnight on board moored beside a Nile island.


Day 6, Thursday: Kom Ombo

After breakfast up to speed you can expect to go to Kom Ombo to understand Ptolemaic temple of Kom Ombo aimed at God Sobek and the falcon-headed Horus. A leisurely cruising to Aswan and moored not far from Aswanbridge. Overnight in Aswan on board.


Time 7, Friday: Aswan

These days you’ll visit the Aswan High Dam (completed in 1971), the Old Dam (completed in 1902). You will also visit Temple of Philae, dedicated to the Goddess Isis, a structure rescued through the rising waters of Lake Nasser at the time of the tall Dam‘s building.

Day 8, Saturday: Disembarkation

Morning meal aboard the dahabeya followed by disembarkation.


Itinerary B :Aswan – Luxor 7 Nights Every Saturday


Day 1, Saturday: Aswan

Embarkation in Aswan for a relaxing few days sailing the Nile on an extravagance appointed Dahabeya. Overnight on board, the ship moors from the Nile Bank of Aswan


Time 2, Sunday: Aswan

Today you will definitely go to the Aswan High Dam (finished in 1971); the Old Dam (completed in 1902). You also will check out Temple of Philae, focused on the goddess Isis, a framework rescued from increasing seas of Lake Nasser at the time of the tall Dam‘s construction. Overnight on board moored in Aswan.

Time 3, Monday: Kom Ombo

Morning sail to Kom Ombo to visit the ptolemaic Kom Ombo temple aimed at the God Sobek as well as the falcon-headedHorus. Overnight on board Dahabeya, moored beside a Nile Island.

Day 4, Tuesday: Edfu

Morning meal onboard and in the morning you can expect to sail to Edfu. There you can expect to go to the well preserved Temple of Edfu. Instantly moored beside an Island.


Day 5, Wednesday: Amirat Dahabeya Cruise

Today will likely to be a leisurely day. After Breakfast start sailing to Esna and onwards to Luxor. Overnight on board in Luxor.


Day 6, Thursday: Luxor

Today could go to the magnificent temple complex of Amon-Ra at Karnak, featuring its vast hypostyle hall of 137 articles, followed closely by the imposing 28th Dynasty Luxor Temple. Overnight on board in Luxor.

Day 7, Friday: Luxor

After breakfast could visit West Bank to look at great burial locations for the Pharaohs – the Valley of leaders – where Howard Carter found the tomb of Tutankhamen in 1922. Consistently the Valley regarding the Queens, Medinet Habu Templeand the Colossi of Memnon. Over night moored in Luxor.


Day 8: Luxor

Break fast aboard the Dahabeya followed by disembarkation


Cost contains

Meet and greet services by our travel REP upon arrival and departure

Transfer to / from Nile cruise by air-conditioned vehicles

Accommodation on Nile cruise on complete board basis buffet style

All sightseeing tours as per cruise itinerary

All entry charges on sights according to cruise itinerary

Pro English speaking Egyptologist tour guide (multi lingual)

All cruise service charges and applicable fees

Cost excludes

Private expenditures and Tipping

Optional trips


Visa info

Entry visa to Egypt is necessary and that can be obtained upon arrival Egypt by our agent for americans, Canadian people, British Citizens, Australian and most of Europeans and Latin People in america people please confirm the nationality at period of scheduling, in addition Egyptian entry visa are available form the Egyptian embassy at your end

General info

Price is per person in double cabin, triple reduction and single occupancy supplement is applicable.

Christmas, brand new Year and Easter duration supplements applies.

Kids between 2-12 years of age have discounts 50percent at the least motels and cruises supplied nearly readily available but subject to supply at time of booking and in instance of overbooking we would offer similar ones with exact same facilities.

What to deliver

Passport legitimate for six months

Comfortable shoes

Cotton clothing during the summer

Warm garments in wintertime

Sunlight block



Digital Camera



Maestro on the web vacation

124 Pyramid road Giza ,Egypt


For most readily useful offer experience of Amany

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Cruise Holidays Throughout The World

Cruise Vacations Worldwide

How do you contemplate cruise vacation? I think, it’s regarding the special means  where people make use of a means of transport to flake out.


It is unusual if you think about any of it in the framework of other styles of trains and buses. One cannot imagine having their getaway on a public coach. It really is a thought that might be too weird also for the Osborne family. For this reason , lots of money has been invested in trying to make the cruise holiday breaks as comfortable as you are able to. These are generally looking to produce the effect of a hotel aided by the view that it’ll in the course of time rival something that they usually have available on the market at this time. The vessel ceases becoming a way of transport but rather it is still another deluxe you could have in a hotel. Actually there are now prison vessels in the uk. This means that general public is being employed toward notion of by using this vessels for functions except that the obvious people. You’ll build a five star resort on a cruise ship in addition to customers need no issues.


The benefit of the cruise vacations is the fact that they usually visit tropical and unique spots. This brings a feeling of adventure into the household. There is a lot that will occur on your way. For instance individuals might fall in love or meet brand-new pals. The premium restaurants make certain that the individuals never even notice that they truly are on land unless discover some turbulence. The concept should bring a sense of fun and slightly grandeur to the holiday for the ordinary family. Within goal they have been really effective. The figures for the guests are getting up and they no longer possess severe profitability issues that the ocean liners experienced. The profile of consumers that use this service has additionally altered for the much better. We’ve a democratized solution that allows visitors to see some other part of the entire world. The variety of provision has additionally been vital in bringing up requirements on the market. Individuals cannot get away with bad solutions. They would be used away by competitors when they attempted this stunt.


In which does a get from right here?  Personally believe there’s still-room for development when you look at the cruise holiday breaks business. The passengers will require even more comfort plus a low price profile. This might be a short term challenge which can be omitted through the ranks associated with the issues that are managed but there is however zero way that we could ignore the need for coping with the issues which make this endeavor great. The client has reached the center of every provision and they’re going to have to be consulted if you can find any techniques to change the setup for the industry. We also have to look at the consequences of perhaps not building ability in the luxury cruise ships.


Book with rebate cruises

Cruise Packing Guidelines

Cruise Packing Tips

It is neccessary for pretty much individuals to stay away from a disastrous cruise holiday whenever appreciating a stress-free vacation at sea. Here are some cruise packing advice on checklist of required products.


Basics to bring

1) Keep important products eg medicines, medical system, digital camera and batteries, alongside toiletries in your carry on.

2) Divide your garments between separate suitcases. This way if a luggage is lost or delayed, you’ve got anything to wear.

3) just take only 1 charge card with you. Keep the remainder at home. These cruise holiday guidelines tend to be meant for preparing in advance if the wallet is taken.


What to do with Important Documents

1) Make three copies of passport, motorists license, and airfare tickets. Hold a group acquainted with a relative or friend in the event of reduction. Hold one set-in your carry-on bag therefore the 3rd in your inspected baggage.

2) You can also scan your important documents and e-mail them to yourself to be able to access all of them from any computer system.


Miscellaneous What To Pack

1) Bring yours alarm clock. Many cabins lack all of them.

2) Pack a quick expansion cable. Many cruise lines have only one or two electric outlets.

3) alert the cruise liner of every diet limitations you might have in advance.

4) hold items that can pour in synthetic bags. And keep other products in obvious plastic bags for quicker protection inspections at airport.

5) Include a flash light and night-light for darkened areas. That is especially helpful in the event your stateroom is an inside cabin.

6) Pick extremely colorful suitcases as these are easier to find among the list of tens of thousands of other suitcases on airport and pier.

7) Wrap your wallet in an elastic band in order to avoid pickpockets.

8) hold a way to obtain one-dollar expenses useful for tipping on airport and pier.


Avoid a vacation tragedy by preparing in advance with one of these easy but life-saving cruise packing tips. That way, it is possible to enjoy a glorious stress-free knowledge without worrying all about what you should have inked.


Get a free of charge cruise packaging listing inside free online guide at

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The Car Cruise Control

The Auto Cruise Control
The auto cruise restrain, and/or ACC for all of a sudden, is guided by microwave radar and managed by a microcontroller cruise restrain and can be found in every types of automobiles in the roads today, and the heavier letters cars.

This letters of component can really help a driver land through frantic streets and may do the job of alerting the motorist about the vehicles or hurdles early inside a number of as much as 75 yards. You will see further details right here In multilane highways, an choice is vacant which displays, utilising the assistance of a camera, the cars behind while you could be when you look at the process of varying lanes.

The ACC will act as an likable help or a co-pilot towards the driver and disparate the orthodox cruise restrain systems which use digital strangle to keep hurry and trigger the electromechanical braking whenever in an emergency; the ACC doesn’t intervene in the vehicle’s dynamics. It is because all cars have actually withdraw ACC’s that are custom-made to do tasks in line with the vehicle’s fabricate.

As an example the Cadillac XLR comes integral using an habitual cruise restrain enhanced using radar abilities. The Audi A8 features alike skin. Cars ranging someplace from $ 70,000 – $ 80,000 are present enhanced making use of these radar abilities. Radar kits may also be built-in to adult cars at a detriment of $ 2000-$ 3000.

However, it is grueling to locate a radar that can fit in the vehicle like an ACC can. The ACC technique are key into any sedan, from trucks to sedans, using an installation formula which cushy to track. The head-end radar sensing benefit might key in the front probe associated with automobile whereas; the tail- end can be drilled on to the rear super. 10 GHz microwaves are utilized because of the radar of reduced right as it detects matter and obstacles inside a 75 signal series.

The rule of the Doppler prompt is worn by the radar the detection of emotive matter in both the leading and rear associated with the sedan. The automobiles mainstay brings together a CISC motor along utilizing a microcontroller which includes busily answer and has got the to process analog signals. The technique components donned by it are minimum and has in addition succeeded to make the structure for the ACC simpler.

The signals customary through the Doppler tend to be examined before it gets provided contrary to the mainstay. The concern of this mainstay features slightly microcontroller (the MC68HC908QT4, CISC) that converts the analog figures into electronic figures. Moreover it converts this electronic numbers into a catalog of indicators, and this can be yourself programmed, and also pushes the ceremony harbor to exhibit the relation detach regarding the direct to the driver. The tail extremely part detects the automobiles impending up from behind while differing lanes. The ACC gets better the dependability regarding the method and provides many mobility. It really is of tremendous used in the freeways and town roadways. The technique can also be stingy, revealing at around $ 500, so possibly well merit the assess for those that can provide it.

Annalise Bailey works well with Ebay Automotive. There is additional details here

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Alternate Cruise Line Activities

Alternate Cruise Line Activities

A cruise range provides a good way for tourists to get an event of traditional vacation as well as some of the best modern amenities at totally inexpensive rates. They have been in business for a long time when you look at the vacation industry. While earlier preferred on-board tasks were restricted to chess and shuffleboard nowadays there are offered a range o f cruise range activities for the tourists. You can find tasks a plenty to serve the requirements of individuals of every age bracket and way of life.

Entertainment the visitors is the significant business of the cruise companies. To that level there are a number of activities which can be designed specifically for the people. The cruise companies contend with one another to help make the very best enjoyment solutions into the travelers. These plans are a significant draw for tourists just who aim to these functions while choosing a cruise line. The greater amount of exciting options are agreed to the clients, the higher could be the company regarding the cruise lines.

The vessels tailor its fun tasks relative to a wide array of lifestyles. Every cruise range presents clubs and pubs the adults and there are a host of enjoyment choices that are available the young ones. You will find tasks for households in which there are lots of services for moms and dads, grandparents, adolescents and children. There are additionally plans for activities followers. There are activities courts, roller-blading tracks, and ice-skating rinks up to speed when it comes to tourists. There are readily available water-based activities facilities for water sports enthusiasts.

If you would like a spa treatment or a soothing massage you’re sure discover such facilities aboard. There are options for you yourself to get the latest flicks, enjoy theaters also nightly entertainments while you are on a cruise vacation. You will find real time phase programs and productions to regale you. With so many activities whilst travelling you are sure to possess a satisfying time vacationing.

Additionally, there are extensive plans for food within the cruise companies. You will find specialty restaurants that feature a host of cuisines for friends. Visitors can turn to having a great time looking at the wide range of neighborhood and international fare which can be on offer when it comes to people.

There are many elderly people which decide to are now living in luxury cruise ships. You can find for that reason offered a host of health care bills services up to speed. All of the cruise companies tend to be fully prepared to cope with every child of medical disaster.

There are a number of deals that are available with cruise lines. A good option to know about the numerous tasks which can be offered in the cruiselines could be the internet. A glance at the websites of various cruiselines will unveil what each is offering. It is possible to look around and select the deal you like most readily useful. Additionally it is good to plan ahead which will save lots of money.

Cruiselines reviews and advice are present quickly knowing locations to look. A carnival cruise holiday can be just what you are interested in.

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Top Cheapest Cruise Places

Top Cheapest Cruise Places

Cruise locations need-not often be very costly. There are a number of cruise locations that one may go inexpensive. There are many cruise ships that provide competitive prices to help make your ideal of sailing for some of the most fascinating places, a reality.


This really is probably the most preferred cruise spots in the nation. You will be able to experience the Lake Frontier from the cruise liner. You can sight icebergs, sea animals and engage in water-based activities as you sail along this area. Alaska is a large condition and it has diverse climatic and geographic circumstances. With interesting wildlife and record the state presents a good window of opportunity for travelers. Alaska delights like no other place on earth.

Cruise lines provide a range of Alaskan cruises and there is an itinerary to accommodate every style. There are inexpensive cruise discounts that are offered and you can take advantage of these to save money and also an amazing travel.


It is another for the popular cruise locations in the nation. This area has some thing to supply every person. You can find rainforest, shores, luaus, nightlife, small towns, quiet countryside, and many more tourist attractions available. This really is one spot that tourists afin de into out of each and every spot of this globe. This will be one of the more popular spots of cruise tourists. You are able to enjoy an affordable cruise journey to this location. Everything you need to do would be to have a look at provides that are offered because of the different cruiselines and you will easily secure an inexpensive bargain.

U.S West Coast

The pleasant and warm weather could be the major draw for tourists to this region for the country. This is certainly a normal place for the cruises and you may sight several of the most splendid all-natural and historical marvels while you’re on a trip right here. A few of the towns and cities inside western coastline including hillcrest, Los Angeles, and Seattle have been powerful cruise harbors. They are independently great places of interest that draw numerous tourists each year. A cruise to the area will certainly leave you spell-bound while you ingest the spectacular places it is offering.

Inland waterways

This supplies the solution to cruise inside North America and you can explore probably the most interesting towns and cities in the field. Montreal is a port of call for many cruise lines. The town is in comparison to Paris and has now a lot of the appeal from the latter. This is certainly very wonderful metropolitan spots in North America and you are sure to love exploring the wonderful destinations that it has on provide. Quebec is another town that is in the schedule of all cruiselines. It really is a UNESCO history site and has numerous historic websites being offered for tourists.

You can realize about inexpensive deals that are being offered by looking around the web. The world-wide-web gift suggestions numerous choices for travelers who will be looking to travel cheap. With effort and time you’re sure to get the correct cruise range for your vacation.

Cruising does not have to price the earth. A Carnival cruise holiday could possibly be the most affordable. For more cruiselines reviews click on the links.

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How-to Plan a European Cruise

How to Arrange a European Cruise

Determining tips plan a European cruise isn’t any effortless task. There are plenty various cruise companies, potential spots, price ranges, and voyage lengths that trying to narrow straight down all those requirements to fit your fantasy getaway could be a daunting task indeed. This article will allow you to focus on the secret choices you need to make assure you can get the European cruise bundle this is certainly especially tailored to your ideal holiday.

If your wanting to do anything you will need to determine what season you are going to travel. When your work schedule or any other responsibilities curb your time screen after that that will have a big affect picking a destination. Once you have determined while you are going you could begin to analyze which European cruises would be best enjoyed through that part of the 12 months.

After you have identified when you are going the next most critical issue is your allowance. Cruising in Europe can be incredibly high priced. Yes, there are lots of rebate European cruise companies running, but there are some compromises if you choose this method. By knowing how much you’ll spend you can easily narrow down your options further. If money is no alternative, after that happy you! I wish i possibly could say the exact same.

Determine what amenities and tasks you desire available to you on your own cruise. Though the dazzling sights and harbors of telephone call will obviously become emphasize of European cruise you are going to remain investing many time aboard the ship. Ensure that the ship provides adequate enjoyment choices to keep you occupied through your voyage.

Check out what shore excursions should be supplied along with your cruise. Usually the best part of a cruise vacation will be the activities you have got when you get off the ship and start checking out. If you’re the adventurous type then you will want to be sure you have various coast trips available that suit your personal interests.

Eventually, figure out what ports of telephone call you want to see on your own European cruise. European countries has many historic, magnificent towns and cities to pick from it is difficult to get wrong, whatever itinerary you decide on. But if you’ve constantly wished to see Spain, chicken, Greece, or Malta then you’ll desire to pick a cruise that allows that check out as many of those destinations as you are able to.

To learn more about planning a European cruise please check out our European Cruise Guide site.

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Extending Your Cruise Spending Plan

Stretching Your Cruise Budget

Cruising is obviously a delightful getaway, however, if you’re wanting to follow a budget, it important that you avoid typical concealed cruise “extras.” Be familiar with the following means a cruise find yourself costing you much more.

Alcohol Based Drinks

If you enjoy having a glass of wine or a cocktail with your dishes, this is very expensive. However, you can always make use of the bartenders drink-of-the-day, often offered by a lowered price than many cocktails. Just before sail, it’s wise to test your cruiseline’s policy on bringing a liquor on board ship.

The Salon

Luxury cruiselines all have quite upscale spa facilities. If you would like to pamper yourself while on board, search for the everyday deals your ship’s spa offers. Keep in mind the specialists are extremely skilled at convincing you you’ll want to purchase pricey spa services and products. If you should be ready for this, you’ll politely decline whenever these items can be found.

Ship Pictures

On every cruise, a highlight is perambulating towards different locations on ship to own your image taken. It is very tempting purchasing many of these photographs, but try to limit yourself to 1 or 2. Bring enough film for the digital camera too, buying picture supplies onboard can be pricey!


All luxurious luxury cruise ships have malls for the shopping pleasure. Definitely, with luxury and convenience comes the pricetags which go along with it! Stay away from impulse shopping. Your locations will have a wide variety of stores where you are able to pick-up some mementos from your journey.


Shore trips tend to be a critical part of cruising because they permit you to participate in activities you prefer and obtain the most from your cruise locations. The cruise concierge desk will offer you a number of options for fun activities, and they’ll suggest that you signup before you get there. I am an absolute believer in thinking forward, but somewhat education and preparation will cause you to a far better experience and won’t price just as much, especially if you benefit from a rebate tour planner.

These are merely several helpful tips to look out for when you set sail so you can get the most from your cruising experience!

Jennifer Watton is mixed up in vacation business for over 21 many years. As an individual “travel concierge,” Jennifer lends the woman expertise in generating completely tailored luxurious yet inexpensive holiday packages.

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Working on Cruise Ships

Working on Cruise Ships

There are many different types of people who find themselves craving a bit of adventure, yet don’t have the funds to just go off into the wild blue yonder. Some go backpacking – working along the way picking fruit or doing bar jobs. Others choose to set sail on the many different cruise ship operators around the world. The major difference I guess would be that you are being paid to travel around the globe instead of going from place to place earning enough money to move on to the next destination.

The impression that most people have of working on a cruise ship is that for the length of the contract (which is usually around 6 – 8 months) they live a life full of adventure, fun and allot of alcohol and sex. For the most part I can tell you that it is true. Life on a cruise ship is full of those things on a daily basis.

Being part of a cruise ship crew is an adventure where you sleep, eat and breathe the life of being on the seas. The advantages of being part of the crew is for the most part, you get free travel and get to go to some of the most exotic locations in the world and get paid for it, copious amounts of alcohol are consumed and is very cheap (as little as 1 dollar a drink), and you are travelling with allot of like minded individuals who more or less want the same thing fun and great times. Not to mention that there is a hell of allot of room swapping and sleep overís with crew and passengers alike.

Another advantage of working on a cruise ship is that you are paid in cash and depending on what you are doing on the ship as part of your job you can return home at the end of a contract with quite a fair bit of money in your pocket. People who have been doing it for a number of years quite often have bought and paid off houses outright and if you choose to make a career out of it which quite a number of people do, well most cruise directors are often quite wealthy and live the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

It must be said that life on the seas is not for everyone and there are cases where people have signed on for a contract and have found themselves wanting to catch the next plane home. However, those that do stick it out and are more relaxed have the time of their lives. Not only do you get an adventure, but also you make friends with people all over the world and come home with enough memories to write a book. The other thing to remember is that life on a cruise ship can often be intense including the fun. Cruise ships often work 7 days a week and so you can find yourself having time off rather than whole days off, yet most find their work on a cruise ship a totally enjoyable experience that it is not that much of an issue.

Another important thing to remember when looking at which cruise company to work for is that different cruise companies allow their workers different privileges or freedom when working on their ships. For instance Disney as they are mostly a Christian Family values type company can be quite restrictive when allowing their crew to do certain things on the ship. For instance I believe that you must be a non-smoker to be employed by Disney and the consumption of alcohol by crewmembers might be very restrictive. As far as Iím aware, the cruise ship that allows the most freedom and privileges as well as the best pay rates for crewmembers are Princess Cruises.

If you are considering working on cruise ships for an adventure or simply for the money. It is not a decision that one should just jump into. You must consider that there are things such as an initial expense to get on the cruise ship that might include a full medical, training in sea safety as well as travelling expenses to meet up with the cruise ship, all of which thereafter is generally paid for by the company. You must be committed to the lifestyle for the next 6-8 months and you will be separated from current friends and family only being able to communicate via email and letters or phone calls when in port. (Although most cruise ship companies offer very cheap deals for family members to visit). If you do decide to take on the challenge and embrace the culture then you will surely come away with an experience of a lifetime.

Author: Bretski Tyley runs “Tylers World” which is an online video blog channel. For updated news and rants go to Tylers World