Cruise Through The Air In Style

Cruise Through The Air In Style
Is it a bird, is it a plane, no, it’s a chairlift! Around the world there are some amazing structures that reach great heights and span across great distances. The views from some of these chair lifts can be amazing. Other types of chair lifts include trams, gondolas or cable cars, these pathways through the sky may involve either standing or sitting, depending on the type. Some of the worlds top chair lifts will be outlined below as resorts that are a must for visiting:

The first ski resort chair lift was built in 1936 in Idaho in Sun Valley ski resort, thousands of powderhounds flocked to here where pre ski lift, many skiers had to walk up the mountain. Although it is not one of the colossal ski lifts today, it is worth a visit to the first ever piece of chair lift machinery. Squaw valley, also in the US has a ski lift which is nicknamed “The Mothership” by locals stands at 1,800 feet high .

The Sublette quad chair lift in the Jackson Hole Mountain boasts an 8 minute ride up a very steep slope, Opened in 1987, this ski lift will take you to some amazing and exhilarating runs .

The Alta ski lift in Utah was upgraded to a three person chairlift in 2001 and has a strict no snowborders rule. It is not the highest, fastest or longest ski lift, however the views of the area are spectacular on this particular journey.

St Anton in Austria will give you a white knuckle ride, at one point the lift comes over the brow of a hill and the passenger will be suspended above an extremely high, wide valley. Not for the faint hearted!

The next step for chairlifts, moving on from just carrying passengers can be seen in New Zealand, recently there has been a new proposal for a bicycle chair lift. Discussions have taken place surrounding Nelsons Hills in the south island to help turn Nelson into the mountain biking capital of the country. It would allow yearly access to the hills and would be a great attribute to the town and the industry. With some chair lifts such as cable cards it is possible to take your bicycle in them, however this chair lift would be specifically designed for mountain bikers.

For a less extreme experience, the word chair lift can also be used as an alternative for stairlift as a mobility aid to help older people up the stairs.

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